V6 Pad Fitment

I've received a few reports regarding the fitment of the V6 cylinder head pads. It appears that different brands fit these pads slightly differently. I'm currently trying to evaluate which brands fit which way. If anyone wouldn't mind, I'd love to see a picture of how your V6 pad fits your V6 cylinder head.

If you email me a picture to sales@sorbopads.com showing how your V6 pad fits on your V6 cylinder head, and include the manufacturer and type of the cylinder head, I'll send you a coupon code for free shipping worldwide! I'm only opening this up to the FIRST person to send me a picture from a particular manufacturer :)

I will use this information to better size V6 pads in the future. At the moment, it looks like TM cylinder heads might be better off with a Slotted pad than a V6 pad, but I'm still looking into it.

Thanks everyone!